Electrical Services Enterprise Oregon

If you’re tired of dealing with the flickering light in your bathroom that blows every light bulb that you put in it? Are you overlaid with wires and extension cords in your office? Wiring up a new area in your place of business or storage? We can help.

Enterprise Electric can assist you in all electrical ser

vice requests that you may need. We know electricity, it’s our specialty. Enterprise Electric is a family owned business that specializes in all manner of renovations, placing them among the best electrical services Enterprise Oregon has to offer. View our residential and commercial electrical services.

We know how to handle electrical equipment, because we’ve hired a team of professional electricians who know what they’re doing. Because, here at Enterprise Electric, we pride our selves on getting the job done right the first time.

New wiring is no problem, and the control boxes that contain all those volts we handle with ease. There’s nothing like having a contractor who knows what they’re doing and communicates with you professionally. Entire businesses are built around finding the type of quality that we offer out of the gate.

electrical services enterprise oregon

Electrical Services Enterprise Oregon

When it comes to repairing that fuse box you’ve been neglecting for the past several months, allow a professional to handle it. Too often people are injured or worse trying to perform a “simple fix” on the electrical components of their home. Don’t find electrical services Enterprise Oregon that will hurt you.

We know that it’s inconvenient finding a reliable electrician and calling numbers on the side of a van can be problematic. That’s why we’ve built a reliable business over the past 50 years. We ensure that Eastern Oregon has electricians, rental equipment.

You can trust our team of five professionally trained electricians and shop employees. We’ve handled all sizes of jobs, residential or commercial. We also have extensive knowledge of pump services and installation and solar panels.

Submit a contact form or call us at (541) 426-3601 to speak with an electrical professional today. Your home or business deserves the best electrical services Enterprise Oregon has to offer.